Thursday, July 30, 2009

The End of One Chapter, and Beginning of Another

Well,I decided to write my first "Real" blog.

This summer is coming to a close, and it just breaks my heart. I have loved every second of being here at Chapman for 4 years, and it is so hard to say goodbye. It has been a whirlwind since graduation, but lets be honest, it all began first day freshmen year. I really owe my 100% positive experience to my friends. Day 1 of Chapman, joining the volleyball team was the best decision I made. After long tryouts, and a not-so-nice coach, I didn't think I would finish the season, but I have made lifelong friends because of that sport, and I am forever grateful. Also, one of my fondest memories is meeting the girls of "207.5". They too, will also remain forever friends. Sophomore year was a bit more challenging (because of Organic Chemistry that consumed every second of my time), but overall it was a good year as well. My Junior year at Chappy Chap was also one of my fondest times as well, when I became an RA. I loved my staff, my boss, and most of all my incredible residents. I will never forget them. I also joined Kappa Alpha Theta, and met phenomenal women, and incredible sisters. I also made other RA friends who made such a wonderful impression on my college years. Senior year was another blessing because I made friends (and became a stalker) of the house of 352. This was my second home, and the people inside it gave me the "warm fuzzy feeling" like I belonged.

Thank you to all my friends. You make my life joyful, entertaining, and fulfilling.

I am currently wrapping up a summer of invertebrate marine biology research with the best crew in the world. I love my job with all my heart, and really do get excited about science! I am going to miss my lab friends so much.

As for my Senior year.............. If 6 months ago someone told me that I would be moving to a different continent where I dont understand the first language of the country, I would have told them to get lost. I was sold on the idea of Teach for America, and after a 4 month, 3 interview, intensive process, I got accepted. THENNNNN a good friend of mine, Dani, told me about au-pairing in any country I wanted, and getting paid to travel. I still remember how I was saying how jealous I was and she simply said "If you want to do it, you can too". So, I am. And could not be more thrilled!!! (Backstory), I went to Australia for the month of January with Amy and just had the time of our lives. When I came back home, my mom specifically told me that I finally got "bit by the traveling bug" and I think I did. When I travel, I am so very happy, and in my element. I am extremely nervous for Belgium, but am also incredibly pumped!! I will probably re-apply for Teach for America since my 1 year acceptance was not able to be deferred, however I realize that the quote "life happens while you are busy making plans" really is true.

Now for the sad part. Goodbyes. I have never been good at it. Ever since I had to say goodbye to Ashley after graduation, it has just been a lingering fear in the back of my mind. The next goodbye was to Craig, followed by Dan. Just these 3 alone have been heart wrenching and difficult, and when I say my final "farewells" to all the other amazing people in my life, I just have to remember that it is only a "See you later". I am so very thankful to have such amazing people in my life, and this is what makes it so hard to leave. Yes, I do love Chapman, and yes I do love Orange County, but the only reason is because of the smiles and hugs that fill it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and more to come later.

Kram (that is Swedish for Hugs)