Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sister time in San Diego!!!

A few random things:
a) My sister is the prettiest bride I have ever seen - I saw her for the 1st time in her wedding dress and she is just beautiful!

b) we went to a really cool 150 arce flower garden in Carlsbad, which was super fun

c) fresh strawberry shakes are delicious : )

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Some Inspiration

After recently watching Erin Brockovich, a movie based on a true story, I was re-inspired to fight for truth. Within the 2 hour span of this movie, it reminded me of how many inequalities people face; one of which are environmental factors. Its concerning, yet true, that large companies are willing to put citizens at risk just to make one more buck. Cancer, tumors, and inevitably death, can be swept under the rug if there is no voice to stand up for them.

So, cheers to the real Erin Brockovich, and thank you for not only thinking you can make a difference,  but actually doing the courageous thing and acting on that thought.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


The World’s Greatest E-mail

Just a few days ago I got one of the best emails in the world! It was from University of San Francisco, sending me an acceptance letter and scholarship offer to their Master in Science program for Environmental Management!!!!! Below are all the courses listed that I will be taking, which makes me have a permanent smile on my face!!! Start date: August 11, 2011

- Air Quality Assessment and Management

- Applied Ecology

- Ecoscience

- Energy, Environment and Sustainability

- Engineering Aspects of Hazardous Waste Management

- Environmental Chemistry

- Environmental Economics

- Environmental Engineering I - Pollutant Fate and Transport in Surface Water and Air

- Environmental Engineering II - Contaminant Transport in Groundwater

- Environmental Health and Epidemiology

- Environmental Law

- Environmental Philosophy and Ethics

- Environmental Policy and Politics

- Environmental Risk Assessment

- Environmental Risk Management

- Environmental Toxicology

- Industrial Ecology and Sustainability

- Management of Chemical and Hazardous Materials

- Management and Environmental Management Systems - Theory and Practice

- Remote Sensing and GIS Resource Assessment

- Restoration Ecology

- Water Quality Assessment and Management

- Wetland Ecology

Friday, March 11, 2011


One moment I am rock climbing at the local gym here in Santa Monica, complaining that I have a sore throat, which makes me less energetic to climb, and the next moment I come home and check the news at midnight to see the 7th largest earthquake ever recorded just hit Japan.

Sometimes life events like this happen at the exact moment we need perspective.

I am so very thankful. For everything. Every single thing in my life, I am grateful for.

As to the million dollar question: I am going to still try and go to Japan. As of now, there is an advisory warning for American travelers to not visit Japan, so, we can only wait. I emailed Oxfam and Japanese Red Cross to see if I can volunteer during the time I am expected to be over there.

I claimed that this 2 month trip is to do some soul-searching. There is no better way to make a trip worthwhile than to integrate some humanitarian work. My thoughts and prayers are for everyone who passed away in Japan. For now, I can only hope there is a silver lining for them.