Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My ABC's for Belgium

A is for Adventure. I really had no idea what to expect when I decided to choose this job, but so far, I am enjoying myself. Thank you to all who were supportive and encouraging!
B is for British Airways. For those of you know know me well, I really dislike flying. I hold the hand of the person next to me, and of course, cry. But, through and through, I made it here safely. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
C is for Cars. The people who drive cars here are a bit nuts. The roads are super small and they drive really fast. I have a stick shift car here, and that makes me even more nervous. I am going to be the "grandma" on the road here.
D is for Daylight. I stays light here really late, until about 9pm, however I was informed that during the winter it begins to get dark at 5pm. This will be a huge adjustment.
E is for Environmentally Friendly. Here, you get charged per bag of garbage. It is one Euro per bag. The recycling bags are much cheaper, so it encourages people to cut back on waste and increase recycling. Also, here they have 2 flush buttons, one for pee and one for poo. Saving water one flush at a time....
F is for Friends and Family. I actually tear up when I think of them because I miss them so very much. This is the one thing I can't stand about being here, is that I am away from YOU. I love getting emails, facebook wall posts, and skype messages. THAT MAKES MY DAY!
G is for GREEN. Everything here is so green, I cant believe it!!!!!! It is beautiful!
H is for Humidity. It rains here a lot! I enjoy the rain, and because of it, everything is green. (But it makes my hair so so so frizzy).
I is for intelligent. The kids I watch are super smart! Sometimes John, (3 yrs old) starts speaking to me in Swedish. Enough said.
J is for John. I got him a glove and ball, and he loves to play catch. He also loves to play with bubbles. Being around a 3 yr old really brings out the kid in me. It is fun to jump on the trampoline, play with chalk, and go down slides. Maybe it says something about my maturity level.....
K is for Kate (and Joy). These are the two adorable girls that I watch, however they are both older and are doing summer camp right now. They are well behaved, and love to bead. They made me a cute bracelet that I like to wear. Also, side note, their accents are precious!!!
L is for Language barrier. A few examples: on the flight from london to brussels, I asked the guy next to me if I could hold his hand. He didnt understand (or at least he looked more confused than usual). Awkward. Also, a man came by the house today to give an estimate for how much it would cost to clean the house after we move in 7 days, and he did not speak English. We exchanged nationalities, and he said he was Turkish. I just used a lot of hand gestures, and we got along well! One more thing, I was out running at the park and heard a lady speaking French to her dogs. It never dawned on me that a dog could understand French, and I can't.
M is for Math. I am already beginning to study for the GRE, and I love doing the math sections.
N is for Nice. The family I am working/living with is really nice, and I don't think I could have gotten a better family to stay with for 9 months!!!
O is for Oxygen. There are SO many trees here, and I love it!
P is for Photography. I have taken about 200 photos already, but need to post them and will let you know when I do. It is breathtaking here. I love all the green trees, plants, native flowers, grass, and rolling hills.
Q is for Questions. Sometimes I question myself about my job/life/future/potential etc. Then I go outside and play, and just say to myself 'enjoy the moment'. I am working on that. A lot.
R is for Reading. I have been reading about the neighboring countries, and cant wait to start exploring!!!!!!!! Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. COOL!
S is for School. YAY. All 3 children start school on Sept 2, and I think I start French class on Sept 7.... I am really excited to be in the school environment!
T is for TFA. I submitted my application again, lets see if it is meant to be! Hopefully they dont hold grudges because I did not accept the first time.
U is for Unique. Brussels is like no place I have ever seen before, which is a good thing. Overall, it looks as though this will be a once-in-a-lifetime.
V is for Vossem. This is the township (similar to a city) where I live.
W is for White. Kate asked me, since I was from Arizona, why I was not brown. hahahahahahahaha
X is for ... I don't know.
Y is for Young. I realize 22 is just a number. I don't have to act my age.
Z is for ZZZZZZZ's. I haven't gotten much sleep b/c of the time change, and also the rain is just so soothing and nice, I try to stay awake to listen to it on the roof.

~ Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my blog, miss and love you all ~


  1. You are such an inspiration! I am so happy you made the choice to go abroad! TFA will accept your application... trust me. They want wonderful, beautiful and smart people like you!

    Thanks for being such a positive person in my life. You really do make me think about living, and going for what I really, truly wish and dream!

    Have the time of your life! Lots of love.

    ~Matthew Ladensack

  2. CHRISSY! Ahhhhhhhhhhh, what will i do without seeing you at school?! Looks like you're having a blast. I laughed pretty hard about you holding someone's hand when taking off/flying. So cute, haha.
    Take it easy,


  3. about the frizz... GIRL dont stop using conditioner :)

    and about the rest of the abc's... you are amazing. i am so proud to have such an amazing friend :) LOVE YOU. if you ever need help changing a diaper over skype or anything let me know :)


  4. Sis:
    I love keeping up with you on your blog. I am delighted that the family is the best there is, my prayers have been answered. The ABC's were fun and very descriptive. You rock and I love you. MADRE

  5. Just sent you an email . . . almost all of my questions were answered by reading your blog. Miss you girl and love you tons. Make sure to get some rest and I am so proud of you!

  6. "W is for white" explains so much about Kate's personality. Love you and glad we got to chat for a moment! Can't believe you're studying for the GRE already, get em lou!

    love you!!!

  7. Yay Chrissy!!! It sounds like you are having a great time! Trust your gut on what will come next, and totally live in the moment! Glad you are well!