Friday, April 23, 2010


Hello friends! Thank you all who are reading and following my blog!! It has been 8 months since arriving here in Brussels, and it is so nice of you all to take interest in my life!

I wanted to provide a brief overview of some updates in my life.

1. I went back to Prague down to Budapest for 1 week after returning from New York. Michelle Dante, a great friend from home, flew out to visit me and take a little tour of Eastern Europe. Overall the trip was incredible. Prague was super and we took hundreds of photos, and ate lots of ice cream and sausages. We were only there for 3 days before taking a train to Hungary. There we explored the capital, took another walking tour, learned about the rift between Buda and Pest (Separated by the Danube River) and some other cool historical facts. We went to Turkish baths and sat in mineral water until we looked like prunes. We ate spicy goulash and drank cheap wine; again, the trip was a success!

2. I was not re-accepted into Teach for America. I have to be honest, I didn’t think I was going to take the rejection so hard, but oh well. Some other opportunities will open up.

3. ITS WARM HERE! Today its 58 degrees F, and I love it. I am sitting outside with my computer just enjoying all this sunshine!

4.I am looking forward to seeing both my mom and sister in May! It has been hard to be away from my family this long, so I am barely able to contain my excitement!!!!!!!!! I hope to be able to travel a bit with my mom, and hopefully meet up with them both in Paris over the weekend.

5. I had to go to the hospital because the doctor thought I was having appendicitis due to my stomach pain, but in the end, it turned out to be ovarian cysts. When they rupture, it can be just as painful as an infected appendix. Not cool. My host family was SUPER nice and came to visit me, and even sat with me until the doctors came. I felt really bad though because Glory’s mom is visiting all the way from Colorado, and she had to sit in the emergency room with me, but she was really kind and supportive about it.

6. Oh wait, did I say top 5 things? Oops. Well this will be 5.1 things then. This is for all of you who are reading my blog, and have not yet provided me with updates on your life :) I encourage all of you to either a) start a blog or b) send me an email with new things in your life. Thanks!

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