Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Childhood Dreams

Hello Friends,
I just wanted to take a brief moment to reflect on Randy Pausch's Last Lecture. If you have an hour, please go to YouTube and watch it, and if you have a few free hours, you can read the book too! I have also recently re-read The Alchemist. Both the lecture and the books reflect on one very important question: the search for self. In Randy's lecture, he talks about making goals as a child, and sticking to them! We need to dream big! Too many times they are forgotten, or thought of as "unachievable". This man is dying of cancer, but he still knows how to live. In the Alchemist, the young boy in search of his Personal Legend and Treasure goes out on an adventure to accomplish his dream. What he learns at the end of the book is that it is not the end-point that matters, but the journey. So many people just give up when they reach a "Brick Wall", but that wall determines who REALLY wants it (and finds a way to hop over), and separates them from the people who just kind-of want it. It is also important to help others attain their dreams, and always believe in others.

This blog is more of a reflection for myself, because this year in Belgium has really taught me how to live, act, and dream like a child again. I just hope and pray I never forget this lesson.

Nothing is impossible. We just have to believe in ourselves.

Peace and Love ~ Chrissy

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  1. hey chrissy I really miss you.
    it seems like you lave relly nice pictures.
    joy franckexoxoxoxoxoxoxox