Friday, October 8, 2010

Oh heyyyyy Fall Time!

September 26th

ROUND 3! Here we go again! Our routine is pretty straight forward now, in regards to ‘rigging up’ all our gear and getting out to our campsite, however, we are switching camping locations this hitch.

The new place is even prettier than before, and there is so much wildlife around us! When we got out of the van today, there was a snake right outside our car door welcoming us to our new home.

We cooked spaghetti and hung out while David played the guitar. This job gets better and better every day!

September 27th

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to work we go! Today our work day began after climbing up to 9,500ft at Ponderosa Point. There is a small spring below where we work, and it sounds SO pretty!

I really enjoy my ‘commute’ to work now, which is about an hour and fifteen minute hike. Tomorrow, we start more rock walls (retaining walls that catch the sediment from when the rain erodes parts of the trail).

Last night was FREEZING. I am nervous to go to sleep tonight.

Quote of the day “ The most un-classy thing to do is wipe your booger on a rock because it is too sticky to flick off your finger”.

September 28th

Today I sprained my wrist moving a boulder down part of a hill to make as part of the rock wall, and that made me really upset. It got swollen and hurt all day. Cranky face.

We had to go into town today to Alberstons for water, and I bought 12 orange cream popsicles for the group, because I was really craving ice cream. Theran and I made hot dogs for dinner and then we all went on a night walk, followed by coconut-roasted marshmallows over the fire. Today was great!

Quote of the day “I feel like Michael Jackson with this one glove on, and if I get hurt on the worksite, I can say OWWWW” – Blake

September 29th

Today Kaylie and I finished our beautiful rock wall and had an overall great day at work. Tonight, Theran led us through a meditation circle which was really great. Although, I realize I am very bad at meditation, I cant sit still for very long!

Tomorrow, we are waking up at 5:15 to do an 11 mile hike up to the summit. We are doing it tomorrow because a huge boulder fell in the path at mile 6, so we are taking up rock bars and piks to move it.

Quote of the day “Is your shirt real”? “No, it’s a hologram” – David

September 30th

Today we did close to a 12 mile hike (round trip) and I can hardly feel my toes. I feel very accomplished however, because I had to carry a rock bar (20 lbs.) {1 of 3 rock bars needed to move the rock} down the mountain.

Overall, great day, but I am really missing my family and friends. A lot.

October 1st

HAPPY OCTOBER! Today is our last Friday on the La Luz train and I am so very happy! I feel very accomplished when we hike up the trail and pass all the maintenance that we have done on this trail in the past month and a half.

Kaylie and I put in 2 check steps today – awesome!

*Blog story that may be quite entertaining: today I pooped on my pants and shoe *

I dug the usual ‘cat hole’ to poo in, which needs to be 6-8’’ deep. I don’t know if I was just in a rush to poo, or if my poo came out crooked, but after I finished, I realized that I had pooped on the side of my shoe, and on the top of my pants. I really don’t know how this happened, I thought I was becoming a professional woods pooper, but I guess not.

October 2nd

Today was our 3rd recreational day, and we went to the International Balloon Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I got a breakfast burrito, donuts, and cinnamon rolls then we walked around the city and I got some used photography books. GOSH I love rec day! I also bought hot pink nail polish at Walgreens for $1 and painted all the girls’ nails on my crew.

Things I don’t want to eat ANY MORE: peanut butter, oatmeal, dried potatoes, dried milk.

October 3rd
We only have 2 more days left on the Sandia Mountains! Kaylie and I finished our rock wall-check step at the last switchback and we are now slowly moving down the trail with our tools.

Yesterday, when I was in civilization for our rec day, I ate so much junk food and today I had a bad tummy ache all day. No more carnival food before having to hike 6 miles!

There was a huge rainstorm last night, another tonight; fall is definitely here!

October 4th

We just finished up some more benching today (widened the trail) and that was pretty much it, very un-eventful!

Blake and I tried to sleep outside last night under the stars, but it began to rain after 40 minutes, so that was unsuccessful.

October 5th

LAST HIKE UP! Today we did some re-vegetation and collected all our tools from our tool cash, and headed down the mountain. I feel so accomplished! From the first day to the last day, I feel so much more empowered, and very confident in my work. I am so happy, our trail looks AWESOME!!!!

October 6th

Its time to sharpen tools, clean tents, and head home! We are headed back to the farm tonight to do a service project for AmeriCorps again, and then we begin our break soon! All I want is a shower : )

October 7th

This morning, all the SCC bosses cooked eggs and bacon for us at the farm, it was so good! All of the crews (around 50 of us) got our PPE on and went to go take down barbed wire fencing for the farm. It was really boring and I got stabbed by the fence a few times. Our de-rig time is late today, but that’s okay. Tonight, Kaylie and I are headed to Telluride, and I am looking forward to finally being on break!!

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  1. Oh Gosh I miss you girl!! I just can't stop smiling after reading your blog. Hope you are enjoying your last month in there!
    Million hugs for my hubby! xoxo