Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Snow Globes – you know those cute Christmas globes that have magical scenes, and when you flip them over, all the snow gently lands on the houses and precious neighborhoods and trees and hills?

I live in one. Telluride is one magical snow globe.

Updates – seeing how I have not posted a blog in a while:

I moved to Telluride on a whim. After finishing Southwest Conservation Corps in Durango, I just knew I was not finished living in Colorado. I now live with 2 other crew members and another friend, so it is 4 of us in a cozy 3 bedroom.

I officially have 2 jobs!!!! One of which is working in the Gold Hill Photography Gallery – while selling my work and making commission. They asked me to have rights to 14 of my 20 sample photographs, and I could not be more honored! This is a dream come true! I also am an evening hostess at Capella – an international hotel chain. I want to work there so I get sweet discounts around the world!

I began skiing. I got skis out of a dumpster behind a pro shop, ski boots out of the free box, and ski poles from my roommate. I get free ski lessons and a free season pass through my job at Telluride Ski and Golf, so basically I have no excuse to suck at the end of this season.

I have been to 2 ski lessons and pretty much love it. I am terrible, but on the positive side, I have potential to be ‘most improved’ so that is great news!

I went to San Diego for Thanksgiving and was able to see my sister (newly engaged) and visit with my family-which was great! Overall, it was wonderful to spend the holiday with my family, since last year I was 6,000 miles away.

My roommates and I are setting up our Christmas Tree tonight, along with watching the classic –Love Actually.

Overall, I could not be happier in this cute, sleepy ski town, with great house mates, super sweet jobs, and a ski pass that will (hopefully) keep me motivated all winter long.

Now for the pitch: EVERYONE SHOULD COME VISIT ME! I get 10 half-price full day ski passes, so come up, drink hot chocolate, ski, and hang out with me!

Happy December everyone!


  1. Oh Chrissy! Miss you hot mess! So glad to see that you get to sell your pictures!!!!! Glad it went well (-: Miss ya!

  2. Sounds just amazing Chrissy! You need to stay there and hopefully I have a chance to visit you some day! I really miss skiing and you my love <3

  3. The photos are amazing and should be shown in the and miss you loads...Glad Telluride and you are making memories...The Madre