Friday, November 20, 2009

A little bit o' NovemBURRRRRRR

Hello Amigos! I just got back from Spain on Sunday night and had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! Jess and I stayed at a really nice hostel in the heart of Madrid, near Plaza del Sol. Speaking of sol – it was so sunny there! We had great weather and took full advantage of it! The first day we walked all over the city for 7 hours, stopping at all the botanic gardens, parks and fountains. We also discovered some great little markets and got some cute Spanish purses and earrings. We went to the oldest temple in Europe, of course, took lots of Kite pictures to rep Theta! We went out that night until 6am the next morning, and we were also able to practice our Spanish with some locals! We ate LOTS of delicious food, my favorite being chocolate con churros – where we dipped them in thick chocolate, and after finishing with our dessert, they would pour warm milk into the remaining chocolate to make HOT CHOCOLOATE. Pretty much heaven! On the last day we went to the biggest market in Europe, over 300 stalls big. IT WAS HUGE! All the streets were closed off, and there were thousands of people there! That day I went to EL Prado, the very famous art museum, with their most famous piece from Goya. I had to sprint through the museum because I only had 2 hours, but it was definitely worth it! I am now very excited for Jess to come visit me in Belgium in 2 weeks!

I am also finalizing my Christmas vacation plans: Brussels to Bratislava to Vienna to Prague to Budapest to London to Dublin to Paris. WOOT WOOT!!!!! I am going to miss my family more than they will EVER realize, however, this is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have this much time off to backpack around Europe, so here I go! 7 countries should keep me busy enough so I just wont sit in my hostel and feel sorry for myself that I am away from my family for the holidays… but we’ll see!

The holidays are soon approaching and I am missing my friends more than ever, and thank you to Ashley who sent me a lovely letter in the mail! I finallyyyyyyyyyyy sent Craig and Ash letters back ~ sorry again for it taking me so long!

French class may be a hopeless cause; I really can’t speak it yet. I am starting to understand when people talk to me, but have a mental breakdown when I have to form a sentence in my head.

I am still obsessed with my Mac Computer!

Oh, and if anyone needs a reading recommendation, I just finished A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Hosseini. I would definitely recommend it. It is just a small reminder of how much we take for granted, and how blessed we really are.

Well, this is somewhat of a short entry because I am now off to ‘Friday club’, where Hannah, Louise, Anna, Henrikka, and I all meet up for coffee and ice cream, and talk about the life of being au-pairs!

Also: 2 quick questions: I am terrible at blogging, because I don’t know how to post pictures with my blog text, and I don’t know how to follow people’s blogs so I have to stalk them on facebook and then go to their website link, does anyone have any tips for me? I need step-by-step blog instructions :) Thanks!

Much love always, and Happy Thanksgiving (soon)!!!


  1. hey girl hey :) sounds like you will have great travels this holiday long exactly are you going to be backpacking?
    regarding your blog, when you log in and you are posting there should be an icon of a picture. click on it and choose a file from your computer. on mine, once the picture loads it comes up as a bunch of letters/numbers and then once i actually publish my post it turns out to be a picture! if you want to move the picture, just copy the whole text that appears after you download the picture and paste it where you want it in your text. for following people you can (also being signed in) click on customize and then layout. you should see a blueprint of your blog. somewhere it should say "add a gadget" click on that and then click on "blog list" (you might have to search for it). then what you can do is go to all of the blogs you follow, copy the url address into the space provided for adding a new blog on your blog list. you can add as many as you want and name them after the blog title or the person's name or whatever! let me know if that helps or if we need to skype our way through it :) love you!

  2. Sisser So: It feels as if I am traveling with you, your descriptions are very concise. It was great skyping with you last Thursday. Always great to see my youngest gal. Miss you loads, but Nickie and I will have fun wrapping and sending out your christmas package. Hugs and great blogging.
    Love MADRE